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Conversari welcomes Melisa Alonzo

Melisa AlonzoConversari will start 2017 with Melisa Alonzo on board as our sixth consultant and workshop facilitator.
Natively bilingual and bicultural, with an extensive background in international psychology, Melisa is extremely attuned to the challenges of effective communication in a multicultural environment. Read more about her on her profile page.


Happy holidays!

At Conversari we wish you peace and productivity in 2017.navidad_conversari_2017

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HBR: What great listeners actually do

At Conversari we believe that listening is a key executive skill for all facets of success, and multiple studies have linked listening to improved team performance and engagement. Here’s the latest from the Harvard Business Review:

“We compared the best listeners to the average of all other people in the data set and identified the 20 items showing the largest significant difference. With those results in hand we identified the differences between great and average listeners and analyzed the data to determine what characteristics their colleagues identified as the behaviors that made them outstanding listeners.”

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Conversari in the news

Conversari’s success profiled in the nationwide magazine Impacto21 (click here to open a PDF version, in Spanish):

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