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Upgrading soft skills for the future of work

Your organization’s success starts with people. We design programs that transform your organizational culture and make your strategic initiatives a reality, by upskilling your executives and professionals with softs skills they need now more than ever.

4 solutions to upgrade your organization’s soft skills.

We custom design all solutions to your strategic and training goals. We can focus on one solution – or design a hybrid combining several. Choose what you need, and Conversari plugs right into your organization:

4 global trends driving the ROI for soft skills

Your organization requires upgrading its soft skills for one or more of the following global trends that are driving strategic plans. We align our programs to your long-term goals:

Focus on customer

1. Focus on the customer experience, requiring the whole organization to align around empathy for its customers

Culture of innovation

2. Building cultures of innovation that encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and productive experimentation

Sustainable development

3. Sustainable development initiatives to retain talent by improving diversity & inclusion and the overall work environment

Complex collaboration

4. Self-managed teams and complex collaboration across cultures, divisions, disciplines and generations

Featured Program

Was your team ready for 100% remote work? Still struggling to adapt? We’ve worked with globalized teams to improve their productivity and satisfaction working from home:

Skills for Remote Team Success

Excelling in the new normal. Recent events have accelerated a global trend already underway – remote teams working from home. It doesn’t look like many teams will ever return to the old normal. Conversari can help your team thrive in this new era and establish a healthy and productive culture of remote work.…
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We believe that organizations can build their future now by focusing on customer experience, harnessing relationships at all levels, and creating cultures of innovation. Around these three pillars, we work with organizations and teams to help them align their strategy, leadership model and communication style.

We design tailor-made consulting and training programs to help create congruent cultures and high-impact teams, demonstrating ROI in productivity, image and effectiveness.

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