Olaf Dickinson
Olaf Dickinson

Accountability begins with me

I often hear that my coachees are able to describe, with some degree of detail, the external circumstances that affect their results, the results their teams obtain and even the results they achieve with their supervisors.

Whether you’re a supervisor, the leader of an organization, part of a team or business unit, the most powerful question and one that opens the door to more advanced reflection is –  What is your contribution in the achievement of those results? What are you doing to elicit feedback from your boss? What are you contributing to your team, organization or business unit so that you get the right results?

Without diminishing the importance of external factors on results, doing a proper, clinical analysis of what I am doing or not doing to obtain certain results allows me to identify points that I might not otherwise notice. It allows me to review my actions and places responsibility on me, with myself and with collaborators, for my actions or inactions in achieving results.

Whatever the results are that you’re getting, but especially if they are not the desired ones, stop and ask yourself this one question – What am I contributing to these results? Take a minute or two to think back on your contribution and then develop an action plan to correct the least efficient contributions. If it seems difficult to identify your own contribution, ask for help. Coworkers can be excellent mirrors for our own behaviors and see things we are unable to see.

Be sure of one thing. You are contributing to the achievement of results at all times, whether those are personal, a team’s, your organization’s or your business unit’s.



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