What it takes to retain young talent

Google, Amazon, and other data-driven companies have used their their strength – data analysis – to challenge conventional thought in human capital and what makes sense in terms of hiring and retaining new generations.

They have discovered that attracting great people will fail if employees encounter a command-and-control, stifling work environment. They have identified new key factors of high-performance cultures: transparency, autonomy, voice and collaborative decision making.

These factors threaten most traditional work cultures in which secrecy, hierarchy and centralized decision-making are the norm. Most executives are daunted by the change. Making the leap to an organizational culture designed for 21st century work and a workforce made up of Millenials is no easy thing for traditional, hierarchy-heavy organizations. Companies that have failed to make this leap question why they have difficulties retaining young talent. Google, Amazon and other top companies have excelled in these areas and are the “hot” options for young adults entering the workforce. There’s a reason for that.

At Conversari, we’ve discovered that “soft skills” are fundamental management competencies and are a company’s best bet when thinking about how to shift to a modern work culture. These include abilities to:

  • Lead with an inspiring vision
  • Co-create clear objectives and boundaries
  • Provide feedback and internal trainings
  • Communicate and negotiate across disciplines

The good news about these skills? They can be learned. And they happen to be just what young talent wants out of leadership.



We believe that organizations can build their future now by focusing on customer experience, harnessing relationships at all levels, and creating cultures of innovation. Around these three pillars, we work with organizations and teams to help them align their strategy, leadership model and communication style.

We design tailor-made consulting and training programs to help create congruent cultures and high-impact teams, demonstrating ROI in productivity, image and effectiveness.

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