Why Mindfulness Makes Business Sense

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We like to close each day’s training with mindfulness. At first it’s a strange experience for our participants. They might find themselves bursting into nervous giggles. Or snoring, after a particularly challenging day of soft skills development. We encourage them to stick with it. There’s a good reason why. It’s the same reason Google, General Mills and Intel are encouraging their employees to stick with it, too.

Meditation is a key part of the soft skills toolbox. Practiced regularly, it helps us be more self-aware, and have more self-control. Both key emotional intelligence (EQ) skills. It improves our ability to focus on one thing at a time – important for creativity and innovation – and for deep work. It is re-energizing, decreasing our chance of burnout and increasing our productivity.

If you’re interested in knowing how regular mindfulness can help you and your team make more-informed decisions and experience an environment of engagement, check out the research here.


Kellie Dundon