Change Management

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The brain is wired to resist change. Even the most brilliant ideas get stuck when people don’t understand their purpose and aren’t on board. The success of any institutional change relies on generating a critical mass of buy-in, and getting people excited about participating toward a shared and inspiring goal.

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What will get my organization to move?

  • Get a critical mass to understand your challenges and goals – and participate in generating solutions.
  • Use the levers of influence to move the whole organization toward desired results.
  • Make sure everyone is aligned before implementing changes

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With proven results:

  • We helped reposition the role of store managers for an international luxury retailer
  • We integrated an Asian sourcing office with the the private labels department of a major high-end retailer
  • We established a consultative skills career path for a leading technology infrastructure company


We believe that organizations can build their future now by focusing on customer experience, harnessing relationships at all levels, and creating cultures of innovation. Around these three pillars, we work with organizations and teams to help them align their strategy, leadership model and communication style.

We design tailor-made consulting and training programs to help create congruent cultures and high-impact teams, demonstrating ROI in productivity, image and effectiveness.

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