The Conversari Model

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast," wise words from Peter Drucker.

Achieving maximum results requires congruence between strategy, leadership model and communication style. And everything must be centered on the desired customer experience and aligned with organizational culture.

We help our clients diagnose their current state of congruence, find opportunities to align their organization, and custom-design interventions with a focus on return on investment. Interventions may begin or end with any segment of our model depending on our clients' needs.

Conversari Congruence Model
Return on Investment

The human side that yields hard results

Conversari strives to make the best use of resources and demonstrate long-lasting results, focusing on Return on Investment in all of our consulting and training programs, in one or more of the following three areas:


Time saved due to clear and concise internal communication, improved collaboration and greater innovation.


The impact of projecting world-class professionalism and a congruent brand at all levels.


Integrated, empowered teams equipped with strategic thinking, leadership and communication skills.

A methodology that contemplates ROI from the beginning

Every organization is different, which is why our 4-step process ensures our programs' success:

1. Understand: Diagnose, detect needs, determine objectives and establish measurable indicators of success.

2. Design: Create a custom-designed consulting program, complemented by one or more of our L&D programs - in English or Spanish.

3. Implement: Emphasize immediate application of new structures and skills based on state-of-the-art theory and practice.

4. Measure: Follow-up our program by demonstrating impact in productivity, image and/or effectiveness.

The Conversari Methodology

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