Conversari Live

When a hands-on approach is critical for achieving results – either in-person or via video conference tools.

Live training is ideal for small groups with high impact in the organization who benefit from immediate and highly personalized feedback on their soft skills: Leadership teams, high-potential collaborators and highly technical professionals.

Two scenarios when live training can add substantial value to the organization:

1. New leadership roles: Talented professionals taking on new leadership roles, whether they be official executive positions or adopt functions such as team leader for certain projects. Becoming a leader requires a whole new set of soft skills.

2: New visibility: Professionals who adopt more active roles in front of key stakeholders. They become customer facing or lead the interaction with other stakeholders, and find themselves outside of their comfort zone and skill set.


We custom design our solutions to your organization’s needs and challenges. Any of these options can be provided on-site or blended with webinar and video conference tools. Here are some of the common formats that live training can take:

1. Intensive Boot Camps

Intensive 2 to 10 in-person trainings for organizations that find it easier to block this time for its professionals to focus on improvement.

2. Extended Programs

Trainings provided in regular doses over time, such as 1, 4-hour session per week over 8 weeks. This is less disruptive to operations and allows participants to apply new skills between sessions.

3. Intensive “kickoff” training with ongoing team coaching

A blend of the previous 2 options: begin with a 1 or 2-day boot camp, complemented by regular sessions over time. Ideal for groups that benefit from intensive team building at the beginning.

4. Conferences or Keynote speeches

For mass audiences, Conversari can create high-impact programs on cutting edge topics, with engaging and dynamic activities between participants.

5. Blended or Hybrid formats

Any of the previous 4 options can be complemented by online content. Conversari can design complete modules to develop new skills or bite-sized “capsules” to reinforce new skills. See our Conversari Online section for more detail.

We believe that organizations can build their future now by focusing on customer experience, harnessing relationships at all levels, and creating cultures of innovation. Around these three pillars, we work with organizations and teams to help them align their strategy, leadership model and communication style.

We design tailor-made consulting and training programs to help create congruent cultures and high-impact teams, demonstrating ROI in productivity, image and effectiveness.

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