Over the last 20 years, innovative businesses have thrived. Those with a more traditional approach have not. Think of Google versus Kodak. The most successful organizations build cultures of innovation, in which people are empowered and trained to continuously develop the ideas that drive future success. Conversari helps your organization thrive in a changing world and rekindle the dynamism of a startup.

How do we build a culture of innovation?

  1. Diagnose existing elements of organizational culture that support and impede innovation.
  2. Co-create a comprehensive strategy innovation development strategy with step-by-step implementation informed by best practices.
  3. Develop engaging work processes to incubate staff ideas through the stages of generation, selection, development, and prototyping.
  4. Build a culture of trust that allows staff to take risks and share new ideas.
  5. Design work spaces that encourage innovation
  6. Develop performance metrics that encourage innovation


Examples of our projects with proven results:

  1. Guided inter-departmental teams to innovate customer service processes in a leading global logistics company.
  2. Helped an international team innovate purchasing processes with their Asian sourcing office.
  3. Established collaborative work processes and Design Thinking methodologies in the marketing team of a leading Latam Retailer, leading to millennial-friendly messaging and store-experience designs.
  4. Designed and implemented customer-centric consulting approaches with engineers at a leading global technology company, leading to the development of innovative, customized solutions that drove retention and repeat sales.
  5. Empowered luxury product store managers to innovate sales and inventory processes.