Ideas transform organizations, but only if they get support and feedback. So that great ideas can flourish and impact your organization, you have to drive them with a clear, congruent campaign.

Starting from a clear vision, launch a campaign that gets results:

  1. Define a specific vision that provides clarity and inspires your organization or area
  2. Identify the key stakeholders that you have to convince with your idea or vision
  3. Determine the ideal communication channels to impact your target audience
  4. Develop a sales strategy for your idea and how to turn yourself into the leader of a communication campaign
  5. Spread you key message using tools of persuasion like storytelling, metaphoric images, slogans etc.

4 steps that allow us to maximize the impact of your campaign:

  1. Research into the context: Clarify your goals, resources and obstacles to bringing your idea to life
  2. Workshop on campaign planning: Guide a group of leaders step by step, from formulating their vision to implementing of their communication campaigns
  3. Coaching: Follow-up sessions with individuals or small groups to ensure that the tools are being applied in daily work
  4. Evaluation of results: Follow up with the expected results and KPIs of the campaign or project