To get the best performance, we need more passionate minds. Leaders’ effectiveness lies in their ability to involve, develop and motivate their team to achieve results. To empower is better than to delegate, and generate engagement is better than commitment.

Become more leader and less boss:

  1. Develop the art of empowerment
  2. Understand the difference between delegation and empowerment, and between being strategic and tactical
  3. Implement the critical elements of engagement
  4. Manage by results instead of tasks, and let go of decisions without letting go of control
  5. Design a map to align the main elements of empowerment for each of your team members

4 steps to ensure high levels of empowerment and engagement:

  1. Needs analysis & design: engagement surveys and individual abilities to employ empowerment
  2. Workshops: management abilities to maximize empowerment y engagement
  3. Reinforcement coaching: support for individuals or small groups to make sure that new tools are applied in their daily work
  4. Evaluation of results: verification of the program’s KPIs