Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. In order to have a real vision of what’s coming, we must get out of the day-to-day operation and focus on the big picture.

An intelligent and aligned organization:

  1. Defines a specific vision to provide clarity and inspiration
  2. Defines key activities included within the mission
  3. Analyzes the environment with SWOT or PEST
  4. Defines strategic objectives that guide action for the next exercise/year
  5. Forms a team of united and inspired leaders

4 steps that allow us to satisfy your organization’s needs and ensure a positive ROI:

  1. Research and retreat planning: Define key objectives, participants, where, how long, which activities to include, etc.
  2. Facilitation and support: Experienced experts guide the process, supporting and focusing your team to reach consensus and define clear deliverables for the following months
  3. Results: Your team will finalize the retreat with a concrete strategic planning document to encompass 6 months or a year in the future
  4. Follow-up: Ongoing support to communicate to the rest of the organization and implement the initiatives developed during the retreat