Ricardo Otero

Ricardo Otero

Facilitates the transformation of executives and teams, especially leaders, for their personal and professional growth and development, applying his extensive experience in training and collaborative learning methodologies, constructivist pedagogy, and combining state-of-the-art educational technology.

Ricardo has more than 20 years experience working in organizations in the areas of organizational development and human capital, plus 16 years working as an independent consultant specialized in training, individual coaching, team coaching, team building, competency models and e-learning.


Services & Expertise

  • Presentations
  • Feedback
  • Team building
  • Meetings
  • Training
  • Individual coaching
  • Training program design, both online and in-person courses
  • Team Coaching

Education & Qualifications

  • Certificate in Communication & Human Development, Universidad Panamericana
  • BA in Education, Universidad Panamericana
  • Certification in MetaCoaching, ISNS-Reencuadre
  • Certification in Team Coaching, Escuela Europea de Coaching
  • Certificate in Thanatology Coaching, COTAN

Ricardo’s thought leadership

Return on Investment
Stop Wasting Your Training Budget: How to Get Real ROI on Soft Skills Programs
A Realistic Plan Soft skills with hard results is a slogan we often use at Conversari. But how do we
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How Professionals Can Survive and Thrive After the A.I. Revolution
Soon, all of us will see part or all of our work replaced by A.I. We once thought that automation
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How to Develop Critical Innovation Competency for The Digital Age
To every age its key competency. Back in the twentieth century, the ability to scale profitable systems won the day.
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Digital Transformation in Talent Acquisition: How Technology Gets You to the Best Talent
Digital technology is reshaping Talent Acquisition. See how companies are gaining a competitive advantage in their talent search.
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Psychological Safety Is the Foundation for High Performance: Here’s How to Create It
When the verdict came in, it wasn’t the splashy colored office hammocks or even the intelligence or talent of the
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Personal Branding
Tips to Prepare for Your Big Interview
Congratulations! You have passed the initial stages of the recruitment process and now you’re going for a face to face,
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Ricardo Otero & Agile Teams
Teams That Use the Agile Methodology
Did you know innovation-inspired “agile teams” are revolutionizing how organizations get work done? Conversari Global’s Ricardo Otero featured in Mexico’s
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Sandra Santos Conversari Gloal
The Secret to How to Influence Others and Build Trust: Developing your Talent for Public Speaking
The Secret to How to Influence Others and Build Trust: Developing your Talent for Public Speaking. Los secretos de hablar
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Keeping Up: 5 Key Trends in Organizational L&D in 2019
In 2019, technology is playing a bigger role than ever. Here are five learning and development trends that we are
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The Learning Organization
Why Engineers Need Soft Skills… Period.
Today, Tom Scott talks about why soft skills cannot be ignored. Developing human abilities to work effectively with others is
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Team Building
How to Love Where You Work
To be happier and more effective at work, we need connection. We need to connecton three levels: with our tasks,
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Why I Believe in Soft Skills Training
I believe in the transformative power of people skills and soft skills training. Let me explain why. My first work
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Tailoring Global Solutions for Local Players
Conversari Global’s Mexico-based, British Consultant, Tom Scott shares his personal experience about tailoring standardized global training initiatives to be relevant
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When You Feel like a Fraud: 3 Ways to Stop Imposter Syndrome
Did you know 70% of us experience imposter syndrome at least once in our lives? That’s that sneaking suspicion we
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Why You Should Bring Your Humanity to Work
Everyday office rudeness is a seriously expensive business problem. It harms people, productivity and creativity. Research shows witnesses of workplace
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Cultural Training Advice: Align Your Team
When it comes to customer service and customer experience, Nearshore teams have already shown their strength, but while cultural training and
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The State of Talent in Mexico
Nearshoring has undeniably opened up a plethora of opportunities for companies to tap into wider pools of talent. Nonetheless, profitable
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5 Tips for Optimizing Recruitment When Hiring Nearshore Talent
As an increasing number of US businesses look to the Nearshore for outsourced call center operations, software development hubs, and professional
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Modernizing Change Management Programs: From Weightlifting to Crossfitting
Soft skills in emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and effective communication make businesses more change-resilient. These are the abilities that create and
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Working to End ‘Manels’
Manels – conference panels made entirely of men, are a common sight in all countries and on all continents. That’s
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Power Skills
Soft Skills are Power Skills
Ever wonder why people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time? Decades of research
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Why Mindfulness Makes Business Sense
We like to close each day’s training with mindfulness. At first it’s a strange experience for our participants. They might
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Personal Branding Workshop at EGADE Business School
Conversari Global imparted the Personal Branding Workshop as part of the Networking Talks for students and alumni of EGADE Business School,
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Human Capital in the Agricultural Industry
“The challenges faced by human capital seem to apply only to high-tech companies, but this is not the case. Even
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Daria Perva
Optimizing Recruitment
Daria Perva outlines, in her article published in the Nearshore Americas Newsletter, five top tips for ensuring companies hire the best
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Tom Scott
The State of Talent in Mexico
Tom Scott featured in the Nearshore Americas Newsletter, “Discovering the talent is just the start. A true competitive advantage will
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Thomas Veeman Nearshore
How to Develop Critical Innovation Competency for The Digital Age
Thomas Veeman featured in the Nearshore Americas Newsletter, “The greatest error made in the development of innovation competence in LatAm and
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Cultural Training Advice for Better Aligned Service Teams
Tom Scott featured in the Nearshore Americas Newsletter, “Service training must go beyond theory courses and generic activities to creating
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Automatización, trabajo y productividad
Automation, work and productivity
“More social, emotional and advanced skills will be required, such as logical reasoning and creativity” says Thomas Veeman in his
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Conversari launches the Soft Skills Boot Camp with Cisco Customer Experience Academy México
Click on the images to see the whole Facebook gallery from Cisco Customer Experience Academy México.
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Conversari impart Strategic Narrative Workshop in EGADE Business School
Conversari launches a collaboration with EGADE to offer workshops to their Alumni (“Exatecs”). Click on the images to see the
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Facultamiento a los empleados
Conversari in the Reforma
Featured in Mexico’s leading national newspaper Reforma: “Empowering employees.” Click on the image to read the full text in PDF
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It’s storytelling, stupid: what made Trump smarter than Clinton
A thought provoking article from the Daily Beast: That’s what Trump did. The reality TV star understands the power of
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Melisa Alonzo
Conversari welcomes Melisa Alonzo
    Conversari will start 2017 with Melisa Alonzo on board as our sixth consultant and workshop facilitator. Natively bilingual
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Emails with military precision
How to write email with military precision
Sound advice for all organizations, not just the military. From the Harvard Business Review:   In the military, a poorly
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Happy holidays!
At Conversari we wish you peace and productivity in 2017.
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HBR: What great listeners actually do
At Conversari we believe that listening is a key executive skill for all facets of success, and multiple studies have
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Impacto21 nov16 featured image
Conversari in the news
Conversari’s success profiled in the nationwide magazine Impacto21 (click on the image to open a PDF version, in Spanish):  
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Delegation vs. Empowerment
Delegation vs. Empowerment
There is a difference, and the difference is important for leaders to understand. This is a good, short article from
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Thomas Veeman
Brand New Me
“How can I seize new professional opportunities when others still see me the same way?” My first two years in
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instructors facilitators
Trainers or Facilitators?
Not all training or trainers are created equal. When you think about training, are you prioritizing what will really create
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Overcoming team conflict: cutting edge research
“Successful teams have three things in common: They meet their performance goals. Their members feel satisfied that they are learning/benefiting
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Dilbert on the effectiveness of long emails
From Dilbert.com:
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HBR Getting to Yes Across Cultures
HBR: Getting to Yes – Across Cultures
HBR adds cultural factors to Fisher, Ury and Patton’s classic “Getting to Yes,” taking into account perceptions of expression, confrontation
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Text messages for business
Text messages for business: a double-edged sword
We respond almost instantly to text messages – and that immediacy lends itself to problems. Whatsapp and other texting platforms
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How cultural differences can paralyze effective leaders
Becoming an effective leader is challenging as it is. And when we encounter a new culture, sometimes the very characteristics
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Leaders who don’t listen…
“Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say” -Andy Stanley
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Day of the Zombie Performance Review
Effective feedback & performance reviews
The latest research on the importance of manager feedback skills – with or without an annual review rating system in
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How soon will you be forgotten?
We all want to be remembered. Every presenter wants you to remember her message—and wants you to remember her. Yet
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How big is your elephant?
For most of us, having a problem is not pleasant. It would seem to me that the word’s very definitions
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Happy fathers day
Happy father’s day!
“Can I call you back? I’m creating happy memories of my childhood for my father.” -from the New Yorker
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Peter Drucker
  “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said”
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Conversaciones organizacionales, ¿el problema?
Organizational conversations: What’s the problem?
Hernández, the general director of the Nocommunication Company, is worried about the decline of sales in his organization and has
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New Yorker - This requires both ears
Active listening
From the New Yorker: “This requires two ears”  
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A positive NO
A positive NO is not ‘Mission impossible”
There’s been a recurring theme with clients in the past few days about an apparent incapacity or difficulty in saying
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About those performance reviews…
From dilbert.com  
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Reforma’s feature on Conversari
Featured in Mexico’s leading national newspaper Reforma: “Promoting productive dialogue in companies.” Click on the image to read the full
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What it takes to retain young talent
Google, Amazon, and other data-driven companies have used their their strength – data analysis – to challenge conventional thought in
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Olaf Dickinson
Accountability begins with me
I often hear that my coachees are able to describe, with some degree of detail, the external circumstances that affect their
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We believe that organizations can build their future now by focusing on customer experience, harnessing relationships at all levels, and creating cultures of innovation. Around these three pillars, we work with organizations and teams to help them align their strategy, leadership model and communication style.

We design tailor-made consulting and training programs to help create congruent cultures and high-impact teams, demonstrating ROI in productivity, image and effectiveness.

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