Soft skills can yield hard results

Conversari strives to make the best use of resources and demonstrate long-lasting results, focusing on Return on Investment in Training & Development (ROITD) in one or more of the following three areas:


Time saved due to clear and concise internal communication, brief and effective meetings, and less time spent preparing and assimilating information.


The impact of projecting world-class professionalism.


Integrated teams equipped with effective feedback skills and more convincing emails, documents and presentations.



A methodology that contemplates ROI from the beginning

Every organization is different, which is why our 4-step process ensures our programs’ success:

1. Understand

Detect needs, determine objectives and establish measurable indicators of success.

2. Design

Create a custom program comprised of one or more of our programs – in English or Spanish.

3. Train

Emphasize immediate application of new skills based on state-of-the-art theory.

4. Measure

Follow-up training by demonstrating ROI in productivity, image and/or effectiveness.


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