Knowing where our organization and team are heading provides a map that allows us to anticipate and respond to market challenges and opportunities. We guide the creation, implementation and evaluation of strategies to ensure that they reach the objectives that their mission aspires to, using models that are both robust and simple that have been proven to deliver results, emphasizing clear communication in 360 degrees.

A congruent strategy:

  1. Defines key differentiators, as Porter’s model
  2. Employs analysis tools such as Simon Sinek’s Golden Circles and SWOT
  3. Incorporates strategic innovation tools such as Blue Ocean, Lean Processes and Design Thinking
  4. Business models such as Lean Canvas
  5. Includes models focused on collaboration, such as The Art of Engagement (Jim Haudan) y e-Motiva

4 steps that allow us to satisfy your organization’s needs and ensure a positive return:

  1. Organizational diagnosis: Internal strengths and weaknesses; external opportunities and threats; assessments of indicators such as engagement
  2. Workshops: Create or update the organizational mission, vision, strategic objectives, and values; analyze the organization’s “Why, How and What”; Strategic business planning; innovation
  3. Team & Leadership Coaching to ensure effective implementation
  4. Evaluation of results from the strategy implementation

Strategic planning programs